Taken "Carry Us Until There Is Nothing Left" 2xLP



Our discography pressed on a limited edition, one time pressing on colored vinyl via Other People Records (otherpeoplerecords.com). Gatefold packaging and extensive liner notes.

Track Listing
(Featuring Re-Mastered versions of Between The Two Unseens, And They Slept and Finding Solace In Dissension)

1. Arrested Impulse
2. The Duke
3. Threaded Paths
4. Eternity Was On Our Lips
5. Swirling Memories
6. Never An Answer
7. Same Story, Different Day
8. The Most Feared Thing
9. A Coward For You
10. A Typical Cliché
11. Beauty In Dead Flowers
12. Overused History
13. Overshadowing at 100 East
14. What's Best Right Now
15. Intro
16. Drowning In Numbers
17. Pacifier
18. Dress Rehearsal
19. Open Roads
20. Waking Up With A Smile
21. The Best I Had

Pressing Info
Opaque/Transparent Purple - 400
Opaque/Transparent Yellow - 100 (Sold Out)